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Thank you to everyone who gave points for the race!! I appreciate all that you guys do for me on here! Unfortunately, to those of you who are just now seeing this, the race has ended as of January 31st, 2016. I will have a journal posted about that very soon.

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Alrighty, then. Let's crack this baby open.

I've been on DA for about 3-4 years now, even if it only says 1 on my page. Well, that's because I made a new account and deleted my old one.

As you can see on my profile, TMNT consumes my life ouo...heh... But, who can blame someone who's been watching it since they were 7 years old. I mean, that's when the 2003 series first aired, and I've been loving it ever since. <3

Donatello is and always will be my favorite turtle. He's intelligent, caring, oh so sassy, and not to mention friggin adorable. It doesn't matter what verse he's in, I love him the same OvO

Not only do I love him because of those traits, I have my lovely OC Anocari to pair with him. I hope you get to know her well, because I put her in literally everything. She's a mofo badass that don't take no shit, especially not from Raphie boy. Although, while she plays it out as the tough one, she has this cute little rainbow butterfly girl flittering around inside of her that comes out every time Donny does something cute. Really, Donny's the only one who can make her that way.

Haha, okay, so this turned out to be more about Ano than me.. let's fix that pronto.

Uh, alright. Let's see.. who the fuck am I? XD
Alright, calm down and think about this.

I'm kinda short. (5'2")
I have long hair that I occasionally dye red, but it's naturally brown.
Most people call me the Kawaii Senpai or Ano.
My favorite marvel character is Deadpool <3 (mostly because my crude humor and language is just as bad as his)
Regardless of my DA page, I don't just draw turtles. I'm trying to get into art school so I draw various things, along with painting and using tons of different mediums.

Ugh..I'm bored of talking about myself ;-; It just feels like 'drone, drone, drone'

So yeah, imma end it here:

I have a fanfiction account with lots of nice TMNT stories:…

Go readum if you like getting your heart mercilessly ripped out and taped back together. OuO

Love yall. Byebye
Hey guys I know it's been a long time, and I apologize for my almost constant absence these days, but I'm going through a really rough time in my life right now..

Just recently I've had to distance myself from someone I've been friends with for over 8 years. She had so many impacts on my life and I looked up to her so profusely as she was the most confident person I knew, but about a year or so ago I started noticing something... different about the way she would talk to me. It almost seemed like she would demean me on purpose at times just to make herself appear to be the most stable and well minded of the group. Basically she wanted to be the best all the time and didn't care how she got there. It started off as a few rude remarks or comebacks here and there, but it slowly picked up to straight up making fun of me for my ideas, and basically almost anything creative I had to say. It was always things like "We told you that was wrong already." and "wow..didn't know you were THAT type of person". Of course these comments were not the most severe, but it's what I heard most often.

I tried speaking with my friends but none of them really fully believed the way I felt was right. They defended her saying she was only playing around and that I shouldn't take things so seriously, but I'm not one to jump on someone for making a joke. I make jokes quite often and I am well experienced in the field of sarcasm, so I usually can tell when people are intentionally trying to upset me rather than joking around. What she was doing was definitely intentional.

Well I just kind of let it slide for a while hoping she'd eventually just get out of her funk and stop being so judgmental, but it just kept getting worse..

Over a year ago she and I had planned to go on a big trip for my 21st birthday. We spoke about it all the time and continued to plan out the trip for several months. All this time she gave me the impression that she had already requested off work and was fully able to go, but the closer it got to the trip the less interested she seemed to get. It was like the more she was rude to me over time the less she wanted to go on the trip.

Now I started getting a little impatient with her because she started putting off helping me plan the trip, so I asked everyone straightforward to tell me whether they were going or not. She messaged me and told me that she JUST found out that same day she wasn't able to go because her boss wouldn't even let her talk to her about asking off for anything until that specific day. In the middle of the week. Yeah.

So I said okay and sent her a message about how I was a little disappointed because she had over a year to ask off but somehow that day was the only day she was able to speak about it. She starts to ramble off about how other people had already asked off (which makes no sense because if she couldn't ask off no one else should be able to either???) and how she can't save money because of "bills" (aka the 7 new name brand eyeshadow pallets she bought within two months that costed over $250 all together along with a brand new pair of $50 boots) so I'm just getting ticked off at this point and I start telling her how she's making me feel and she takes absolutely none of it seriously.

She's mocked me on social media because of this and turned two other friends against me and I guess I'm just really not sure what to do. I absolutely do not want her back in my life but I don't know what to do about my other friends. They flaked on this trip too, which I can get over, but they've never done anything to me that's remotely negative. I used to vibe so hard with these friends and I'm just a little shocked that they would side with her...

I know you guys aren't therapists or anything but I just need some advice on this.. and also some cheering up..

Hope to hear from you guys soon ❤️
Senpai Ano


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